Our commercial roofing experts continuously research new technologies and methods to ensure we’re providing the best possible service and solution for businesses of every size and shape. Dibble Roofing Company is the only roofing company for your job, whether it be a roof leak repair, emergency roof repair, or if you are solely in need of a new roof installation. Contact Dibble Roofing Company to fix your commercial roofing problems.

We’ve handled all types of commercial roofing materials:

Contact us today to discuss the various types of commercial roofs available and how best to meet your the needs and preferences of your project.

Project Management & Coordination

  1. Meet with Owner, Architect, Owner’s insurer if applicable, testing and inspecting agency representative, roofing Installer, roofing system manufacturer’s representative, deck Installer, and installers whose work interfaces with or affects roofing including installers of roof accessories and roof-mounted equipment.
  2. Review methods and procedures related to roofing installation, including manufacturer’s written instructions.
  3. Review and finalize construction schedule and verify availability of materials, Installer’s personnel, equipment, and facilities needed to make progress and avoid delays.
  4. Examine deck substrate conditions and finishes for compliance with requirements, including flatness and fastening.
  5. Review structural loading limitations of roof deck during and after roofing.
  6. Review base flashings, special roofing details, roof drainage, roof penetrations, equipment curbs, and condition of other construction that will affect roofing system.
  7. Review governing regulations and requirements for insurance and certificates if applicable.
  8. Review temporary protection requirements for roofing system during and after installation.
  9. Review roof observation and repair procedures after roofing installation.
  10. Require all trades listed in Preliminary Roofing Conference to be present.

Training & Safety

Equipment Training (Systems, Limitations, Specifications, Operation)

  • Crane, Hoist
  • Lull Material Lift
  • Fork Lift
  • Roof Cutting Saw
  • Portable Debris Dump
  • Dump Trucks

Safety Training

  • Safety Barrier, Debris Barrier
  • Crane, Hoist Operations
  • Fork Lift, Pallet Jack Operations
  • Personal Fall Arrest Systems
  • Lead Based Paint (RRP) Repair, Renovations, Paint
  • Asbestos Safety Awareness

Material Handling – Roof Installation – Roof Protection – Material Specification

Care & Maintenance

Your roof is a valuable asset and as such should be properly maintained. All roofs and roofing membranes need periodic maintenance to perform as designed and to keep your Specification Warranty in full force and effect.

1. The roof should be inspected at least twice yearly (in the Spring and Fall), and after any severe storms. Record maintenance procedures as they occur. Log all access times and parties working on the roof.
2. Proper maintenance and good roofing practice require that ponded water (defined as standing water on the roof forty eight (48) hours after it stops raining) must not be allowed on the roof. Roofs must have slope to drain and all drain areas must remain clean. Bag and remove all debris from the roof since such debris can be quickly swept into drains by rain. This will allow for proper water run¬off and avoid overloading the roof with ponded water.
3. The Installed Roofing Membrane should not be exposed to acids, solvents, greases, oil, fats, chemicals and the like. If the Installed Roofing Membrane is subject to contact with any such materials, contact Dibble Roofing Company immediately.
4. The Installed Roofing Membrane is designed to be a waterproofing membrane. If there is to be roof traffic for any reason, contact your Licensed Applicator before proceeding for the installation of approved protective walkways.
5. Installed Roofing Membranes require maintenance of the surface of the membrane in order to perform as designed:
a. Smooth surfaced APP roofing membranes require the application of an approved liquid coating, such as Aluminum Roof Coating. If this coating is not applied as part of the initial roofing installation, it must be applied within the first five years after the roof is installed. In addition, this coating should be maintained as needed to recover any areas of the coating that have blistered, peeled or worn through.
b. Granule surfaced APP or SBS roofing membranes require the application of additional roofing granules wherever the original factory application of granules has worn through due to roof traffic or some other event.
6. All counterflashing, metal work, drains, skylights, equipment curb and supports, and any other rooftop accessories functioning in conjunction with the Installed Roofing Membrane must be properly maintained at all times. In addition, roof sealants (including, but not limited to Pourable Sealer and General Purpose Sealant) are not covered under this warranty and must be maintained per Specifications.
7. If any additional equipment is to be installed on your roof (e.g. HVAC units, TV antennas, etc.), contact Dibble Roofing Company, for approval before proceeding.
8. Should there be an addition to the building, requiring tie-in to the existing Installed Roofing Membrane, contact Dibble Roofing Company before proceeding to ensure the tie-in is in accordance with Installed Specifications.

9. Should you have a leak:
(a) Check for the obvious: clogged roof drains, loose counterflashings, broken skylights, open grills or vents, broken water pipes.
(b) Note conditions resulting in leakage. Heavy or light rain, wind direction, temperature and time of day that the leak occurs are all important clues to tracing roof leaks. Note whether the leak stops shortly after each rain or continues to drip until the roof is dry. If you are prepared with the facts, the diagnosis and repair of the leak can proceed more rapidly.
(c) Contact Dibble Roofing Company, Inc. at (904) 731-2835 immediately…but please don’t call until you are reasonably sure that the Installed Roofing System is the cause of the leak.

-Dibble Roofing Company

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